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Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin offer a secure method of transfer and a process of decentralization, but have trouble in the scaling process. Scaling issues simply mean that some of these blockchains can operate at a slow level or can have very high transaction fees especially during times where there is peak activity. Who wants to spend more right? Polygon MATIC offers what is called a layer-2 scaling solution that allows for instant, low cost and secure transactions that runs on the Ethereum network. With Polygon MATIC processes that run on the Ethereum blockchain can scale much better by using whats called a large number of sidechains that compute on a secure sidechain that works with the block chain. Polygon MATIC chains work in several different flavors with its programd called Plasma and PoS sidechains that are used with a variety of Ethereum apps today and this list continues to grow!

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Polygon is a decentralized internet of Bloackchains that is built on top of Ethereum and has become secure using a variety of economic methods. Polygon MATIC can be staked by Polygon Validators who keep the network running smoothly and are awarded tokens. These tokens are want you can buy at a cheap cost on sites like Coinbase! Polygon MATIC goal is to create a scalable neighborhood of blockchains that run alongside the Ethereum network. Polygon MATIC will continue to grow and the time is right to buy this crypto at a cheap discount. MATIC is a scaling solution that will only continue to grow alongside Ethereum and has a massive profit potential.