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Bitcoin is a digital currency developed in January 2009 by an unknown entity named Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of this person or persons is still shrouded in mystery. Bitcoin allows for lower transaction fees and is operated in a decentralized setting unlike traditional banks. Think of Bitcoin as a type of cryptocurrency, which means there are no physical Bitcoins that you can hold in your hand or wallet like paper (or fiat) money. Bitcoins are held in an online "wallet". Balances for people holding Bitcoin are held on a public ledger that anyone can see. To verfiy Bitcoin transactions, it takes computer power that "miners" use to validate transactions. So when you hear about Bitcoin using alot of energy, you are reading about the power of these miners to validate these transactions. The public ledger that verifies these transactions is called the Blockchain" Miners are awarded coins for validating these transactions.

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You may be wondering where you can buy Bitcoin safely and securely. COINBASE has built itself into a leading Bitcoin exchange. You can easily deposit USD funds and buy Crypto safely and securely. Coinbase is traded publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange under ticker symbol "COIN" Think of Coinbase as a leader in Bitcoin exchanges and a place to securely buy and sell your Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Better yet, Coinbase offers you $10 in FREE Bitcoin when you sign up. You will just needs to buy $100 of crypto and they will reward you with $10 of Bitcoin!

COINBASE is a simply online exchange that will store you Bitcoin for you until you are ready to sell. You may have heard that Bitcoin is highly volatile and large price swings are common. As with any new technology, you can expect Bitcoin's price to fluctuate, but as it becomes more mainstream you will see the price of Bitcoin continue to rise. One main misconception is you can only buy one Bitcoin at a time. That is an incorrect sentiment with folks new in teh crypto worls. Bitcoins are divided up to 8 decimal places "Called Satoshis". On Coinbase and other major exchanges, you can purchase a fraction of a Bitcoin for as little as $5.oo! So think of one Bitcoin as 1.00000000 and if you buy a portion of a Bitcoin, you may own 0.00000034. This is just an example as the amount you buy determines how much Bitcoin you own. Think of Satoshis as "cents" in traditional money.